Allen Foster of Albemarle County

by robsmithiii

Allen Foster, b. ca. 1768 (probably Louisa County, Virginia), son of James Foster and Elizabeth Parrish, married Judith King in Fluvanna County, Virginia, on February 2, 1792. In 1799, he lived in Louisa County, Virginia (Louisa County Personal Property Tax Lists, 1799, List A), and in 1800, he lived in Albemarle County, Virginia (Albemarle County Personal Property Tax Lists, 1800, List A), where he remained through 1836. A ledger book for a shoemaker places him in proximity to Batesville, a town along the Plank Road (Staunton-James River Turnpike).

On October 12, 1831, Allen Foster married Martha Carrol in Albemarle County, Virginia.

Allen Foster’s extant land transactions in Albemarle are as follows:

Albemarle County:
Foster, Allen – 1823 – from J. Smith’s exors – 280 – B&S – book 24 p 109 (Allen’s daughter, Mary, married John Smith in Albemarle)

Foster, Allen – 1838 – to J.S. Cocke – 280 – B&S – book 36 p 4 (John Shepherd Cocke; this may or may not have been the tract that became “The Cedars”, a great Greek Revival house that still stands just west of the 64/250 intersection on 250, directly across from Misty Mountain Campground)

After 1836, Allen Foster disappeared from the Albemarle County records, with no trace of an estate. In 1839, in Barren County, Kentucky, Allen Foster wrote a will:

Name: Allen Foster
Date Written: 15 April 1839
Date Probated: October Term 1840
Wife: Maratha Foster
Executrix: same
Executor: Friend Henry Eubank
Witnesses: B. N. Crump, P. B. Waters, G. Trabue

Source: Barren Co KY Will Book 3, p. 163.

Barren County Kentucky
I allen Foster of Barren county & state of Kentucky being of Lawful age & sound mind and disposing memory do hereby make ordain and constitute this instrument of writing to be my last will and testement in manner & form as follows towit 1st I give and bequeath to my beloved wife Martha Foster all of my estate both real and personal to be hers during her natural life for her use and benefit & and her death if there should be any of my estate remaining it is my wish that it be equally divided all of my children or legal heirs 2nd It is my wish at the death of my wife that my land and any other property that may be remaining at that time be sold to the highest bidder and the proceeds applied as specified in item first. Also I wish my executor to convey the title of the land to the purchaser to vest the title in him to the same extent an thought I had done it myself in my life time 3rd and lastly I appoint my wife Martha Foster Exr and my friend Henry Eubank Exr of this my last will and testement In Testimony whereof I have hereunto set my hand and added my seal this 15th day of April 1839
Witness his
B N Crump Allen X Foster
P B waters mark
G W Trabue
Barren County Sess. October Court 1840
The forgoing instrument of writing purporting to be the last will and testement of Allen Foster Decd was retuned to court and proven in due form of law by the oaths of Benjamin N Crump and George W Trabue both subscribing witnesses thereto there upon the same was ordered to be recorded as the true last will of Allen Foster decd E j Heler cBCc

Probate Records 1865-1877 pg220 Feb 22, 1864. Appraisement of the remnant of the personal estate of Allen Foster dec’d … Barren Count Ct …. recorded Feb 8, 1867 pg220-21 Feb 22, 1864 . Sale of real & personal estate of Allen Foster dec’d.. Henry Eubank exr … sale of land and personal estate of Allen Foster dec’d that was remaining on hand after the death of Martha Foster the widow of sd A. Foster ….Barren Co Ct .recorded. Feb 8, 1867 pg234 Feb. 8, 1867 Settlement made by Henry Eubank exr of Allen Foster dec’ … six heirs .. Barren Co Ct .. recorded Mar Term 1867

Allen’s wife, Martha, shows up in the 1850 Census living with Betsy Carrol (b. 1795), presumably her sister or a wife of one of Martha’s siblings.

Further extracted notes reveal the following:

Notes from Allen and Barren Co., Kentucky
Lucinda Harvey and Judy Murphy and C. F. Quick, children of Martha Quick who was the daughter of Allen Foster, decd. 23 Feb 1867.

Martha E. Divine, daugher of Edmund Foster who was the son of Allen Foster, one of the heirs of said Allen Foster.

Sarah E. Monroe, wife of John W. Monroe and daughter of Edmund Foster, a legal heir of Allen Foster.

Edmund Foster, son of Allen, may have been the James E. Foster who married Lucy Rogers in Albemarle on December 19, 1820, but Edmund seems to have married Lucinda Pointer in Barren County in 1821. Family notes list him as “James Edmund Foster”, so perhaps his first wife died.

Allen Foster only had one son in the 1820 Census for Albemarle County, though he is enumerated with two sons born between 1795-1800 in the 1810 Census. His known children are as follows:

1. Sarah Hicks Foster (m. Reuben H. Martin, Albemarle County).
2. Samantha Foster (allegedly died December 8, 1846; source unknown)
3. Martha Patsy Foster (m. Charles Quick, Albemarle County).
4. Mary Foster (m. John Smith, Albemarle County).
5. Mildred Foster (m. Joshua Quick, Albemarle County).
6. James Edmund Foster (m. possibly Lucy T. Rogers, Albemarle County; married Lucinda Pointer, Barren County, KY)

I do not know who the second son may have been or if that son survived to 1820.